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Liturgical Ministries


Contact: Deacon Nelson Torres

Has anyone ever told you that you have a great speaking voice? Or maybe you're often being asked to keep it down because you have a loud voice that carries? If so, then being a lector is a perfect role for you. Lectors proclaim the Word of God in the first and second readings during the liturgy, helping the entire congregation to hear and contemplate the day's chosen Scripture passages. All it takes is a good voice and the ability to speak in front of others (or a desire to finally overcome that fear of public speaking). It is also a rewarding experience that helps you engage with the readings on a deeper level.

Lectors are special liturgical ministers whose principal duty is to serve the community by proclaiming the readings from Scripture during liturgies such as the Liturgy of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours and on other special occasions when readings from Scripture are included.

The documents of the Second Vatican Council remind us that "in the readings, explained by the homily, God is speaking to his people, opening them up to the mystery of redemption and salvation, and nourishing their spirit; Christ is present to the faithful through his own word." God is, as it were, using the voices of ministers so that his people may hear Him. A thoughtful and prayerful presentation opens the hearts of the community so that the Holy Spirit may speak to each one, enlightening, comforting or challenging them.

In the current Church canons, the office of Lector is officially an "instituted" office formally and canonically given to a person by the bishop. The reform of the Second Vatican Council extended to laypeople the opportunity to perform this liturgical role on a regular basis.

Who Can Serve

Any adult may participate in this ministry according to established guidelines and after proper training. Ministers serve at the regularly scheduled Sunday and weekday Masses as well as being called upon to serve for other special liturgies and events involving Scripture readings.




Contact: Deacon Nelson Torres

Also commonly known as Eucharistic Ministers, parishioners who join this ministry have an opportunity to literally follow Jesus’s command to “feed my sheep.” Eucharistic ministers take on the unique role of assisting the priest in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to fellow parishioners during Mass, and may also take Communion to the sick or the homebound. No prior training or special skills are required—just the desire to share with your fellow Catholics the gift of partaking in the Eucharistic meal.

Here is the latest schedule for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.


Contact: Deacon Nelson Torres

One of the most important things for a parish to do when new people walk in the door is to have someone there to say “hello.” Ushers are often the first faces parishioners see when they come to Mass and one of the last they see on their way out the door-in other words, they act almost as ambassadors for the parish. Ushers welcome people to Mass, help them find a seat, take the weekly collection, and hand out bulletins as people leave. If you have a friendly, outgoing personality or just want to get to know more of the people in the pews around you on Sunday morning, being an usher is the ideal ministry for you.


Contact: Deacon Nelson Torres

For many Catholics, being an altar server is their first foray into a lifetime of service to the church. Though they can at times go unnoticed, altar servers are the ministers who make the Mass run smoothly, making sure everything is where it needs to be at exactly the right moment. From leading the procession at the start of Mass to assisting the priest to preparing the altar for the consecration, the altar server fulfills numerous roles that are critical to the celebration of the liturgy. Children who have received First Communion are welcome to join this ministry and will receive the proper training prior to serving at their first Mass. It is a great opportunity for young people to contribute to the parish in a meaningful way and to learn more about their faith.

Servers have been a long-standing form of service in the liturgy. Their duties emanate from those traditionally performed by the deacon. Since the deacon is not always available, this ministry has developed in the history of the church to serve as needed in the various liturgies and other forms of worship. While Its duties are routinely performed by laypersons, it is an “instituted” office known as Acolyte that bestowed on an individual by the bishop of the diocese.


Contact: Deacon Nelson Torres

The Holy Family Music Ministry is a diverse community of pastoral musicians that foster the art of musical liturgy and promote the song of the assembly. Pastoral musicians at Holy Family serve worshipping communities who have native tongues of English, Hungarian, Polish and Spanish. Cantors, organists, guitarists, instrumentalists and liturgical ensembles assist in the sung prayer at eight weekend liturgies that gather at our three worship sites. Would you consider sharing your gifts at one of these liturgies with our parish community? Whether you would like to sing in a choir, accompany an ensemble with guitar or other instrument please let us know! Those who serve in some roles, for example cantor, will be provided the specialized training needed – so no need to hesitate to offer yourself for that ministry. You do not need to commit a large amount of time; we will find a place for your gift. If you feel an interest, please contact Deacon Nelson Torres. He will meet with you and help to discern how your unique gifts can enhance the Holy Family Music Ministry.