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Our Vision

Holy Family Parish shares in the vision that Pope Francis has set forth for the entire Catholic Church—to be a welcoming home for all, a community in humble service to one another and to those around us. We are, as Francis himself puts it, a church that is poor and for the poor.

As a parish formed from three distinct communities spread across varied urban neighborhoods of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Holy Family represents a community "reconciled in diversity," which celebrates our unity as a followers of one Lord, Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

We open our doors to all, no matter what language they speak, where they are from, or what their background may be. As our city continues to grow and change, so too will our parish, as we welcome new parishioners, embrace different cultural traditions, and forge a new path together as a community of faith. We are, and will be, Holy Family for all.

As followers of the Gospel, we strive to meet not just the spiritual needs of those around us but also material and wellness concerns. Our neighbors in and around New Brunswick are faced with many pressing socio-economic and health challenges on a daily basis, and in accord with Catholic social teaching we reach out and accompany the suffering, the marginalized, and all who struggle to overcome injustice or woundedness.

Working with Catholic (especially our esteemed Maronite and Byzantine neighbors) and non-Catholic partners who share our vision, Holy Family Parish is committed to providing both immediate assistance and accompaniment through charitable encounters, and to breaking the ongoing cycles of poverty and injustice that threaten the dignity of human life in our city.

We see the face of God in each person we encounter and are dedicated to reaching out in solidarity to all of our brothers and sisters— those in our immediate surroundings and beyond. As one family in Christ, together we aim to strengthen our faith, to inspire one another, and to reach out to friends, neighbors, and strangers with love and humility. We hope that you will join us.