Getting a sense of how we serve


Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Kerrigan


In the Holy Family Parish context, along with the canonical responsibilities incumbent upon a pastor, the Holy Family pastor must be the leading bridge-builder and uniting figure between the different ethnic communities. He must also be able to relate well to the diocese, Catholic Charities, the City of New Brunswick, worship houses in the area, and various other strategic partners. He should model collaboration with the pastoral team, especially forming a cohesive working unit with the other clergy and coordinator of pastoral services, and seek to empower and build leadership among parishioners.

The pastor should be able to serve pastorally in more than one of the parish’s languages. He should be well-versed in Catholic social doctrine, and experienced in its application.

Parochial Vicars

Revs. Imre Juhasz and Kevin Kelly (Reports to Pastor)

juhasz IMG_5124

The parochial vicars are an extension of the pastor’s leadership and vision for Holy Family Parish. They need to be able to maintain an excellent working relationship with the pastor, the deacon and the coordinator of pastoral services.

Parochial vicars ought to be conversant in more than one of the parish’s languages. They will have one ethnic community as their ministerial focus, and in this capacity are expected to demonstrate initiative in developing pastoral programming and services specific to that community’s needs. They need to work well on their own, as the pastor will give them wide latitude in establishing their pastoral routine and lifestyle.

Parochial vicars are expected to take regular turns with the pastor in all liturgical scheduling, including special liturgies.


Deacon Nelson Torres (principal team officer, reports to pastor)

Deacon Nelson Torres

The diaconal ministry is a lively, full-time position at Holy Family. He is a visible pastoral presence at the parish, serving as a kind of chief of staff or captain of the pastoral team.

Along with the priests, the deacon takes a regular preaching turn and leads wake services, baptismal celebrations and weddings, and serves at approximately 3 Masses per Sunday. He supports the music ministry of the parish and runs the RCIA program. He serves as site administrator for the St. Joseph property.

The deacon has a wide berth in developing programs or ministries that respond to parishioner needs, especially as it relates to strengthening families and adult formation. He is to be seen as a promoter of ministries and a recruiter for new lay leadership. He is active in coordinating Hispanic ministry across the parish territory.

Coordinator of Pastoral Services

Rocio Ramos (Reports to Clergy)

Rocio Ramos (Reports to Pastor, Clergy)

The coordinator of pastoral services is a central figure in the life of the parish center. It is expected that the coordinator be the point person for religious education and sacramental life. The coordinator will know both general church policies and procedures in these areas, as well as local applications.

The coordinator will be well-organized, and keep all religious education and sacramental records and schedules, and have them handy for prompt requests by clergy and parishioners alike. The coordinator has to be a good collaborator, and maintain an excellent daily working relationship with the parish clergy and the operations and pastoral directors.

The coordinator should participate in ongoing lay ministry training offered by the diocese or beyond, be versed in Catholic social teaching and its application in the parish. In turn, the coordinator can offer trainings in various areas.

The coordinator must possess excellent speaking skills, be conversant in more than one parish language, and able to address various groups with various needs. The coordinator needs to be fluent in Word, Excel, ParishSoft and other software.

The coordinator participates actively in the liturgical life of the parish. He/she should be commissioned to serve as a lector and extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. Ideally, as often the first point of contact for new parishioners, the coordinator is also trained in the community organizing arts, so as to initiate and anticipate various leadership needs in the parish by meeting with parishioners on a one-on-one basis.

The coordinator should be able to run meetings, address parents preparing their children for sacraments, lead wedding and Quinceanera practices, serve at funerals, wake services and other special liturgies and prayer services.

Operations Manager

Alice Bandelt McLaughlin (Reports to Pastor, Principal Team Officer)

Alice Bandelt

The operations manager is the central steward of the physical resources of the parish. Her duties break down into the following areas:

Financial: together with the assistance of the parish bookkeeper, oversee the payroll, accounting, general ledger and general files; monitor collections, counting, recording and depositing of parish revenue; oversee the timing and preparation of the annual diocesan financial report and oversee review process with Finance Council.

Administrative: order supplies and oversee inventory in the Throop Avenue Center and three church locations; oversee parish database,sacramental records, produce weekly bulletin, respond to general parish inquiries via e-mail, phone or letter.

Facilities Management: together with the coordinator of pastoral services, oversee scheduling or parish venues. The operations manager has responsibilities for the condition of the buildings.

Pastoral Associate for Charity and Justice

Alexi Motta (Reports to caritas director)

Alexi Motta

The pastoral associate assists the pastor and caritas director in realizing the vision for comprehensive parish-based charity and justice ministry. At the same time, she is the sole Catholic Charities case worker on the ground in New Brunswick for the general needs of residents.

Seasoned in Catholic social doctrine, the pastoral associate responds to the immediate and widely-varied basic human needs of both parishioners and the residents of the parish area. She coordinates social ministry efforts within the parish, working closely with the Holy Family Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, as well as with partner efforts within the City of New Brunswick, deanery, diocese and Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen.

The pastoral associate needs to be well-organized, flexible, with good communication skills in at least English and Spanish. She must be compassionate, non-judgmental and have an eye for justice opportunities. Weekend and night hours of ministry  are the norm.

The pastoral associate makes this commitment tangible in the development of leadership groups that have the possibility for addressing the root cause of social ills. At present, the highly successful Women’s Justice Circles and Ss. Martha and Mary Group have provided such hope  to dozens of women.

She will be an active and visible presence in the worship communities and works on Sundays at more than one liturgy.

Worship Director

Joe Szabo (Reports to Pastor)

Joe Szabo

The worship director coordinates the lay liturgical ministries of parish celebrations, prepares the liturgical environment and trains ministers in liturgical norms. During major church feasts and seasons, the worship director leads planning and church environment preparation. The worship director assists the pastor and pastoral team in making liturgical decisions. He is able to lead services himself, and serve in a variety of liturgical capacities, as needed. He makes recommendations about vendors and church supplies.

Sacred Music Director

Tony Varas (Reports to Pastor)

Tony Varas

The Sacred Music Director, in collaboration with the Worship Director and clergy, plans and coordinates music for the various parish celebrations.  The director, possessing a comprehensive grasp of Catholic liturgy, is most likely to be experienced as  a resource at any time for parish musicians and choirs.  However, for the major liturgical celebrations, especially Holy Week and the Paschal Triduum, as well as for special or new liturgies, the director will take a more active and public role.  The director will also be aware of needed maintenance for musical instruments and training for music ministers.

Director of Caritas

Bridgette (Smith) Perez (leads charity & social ministry team, consults with pastor)


The director of caritas oversees all the charitable and justice ministries of the parish.  Taking the lead from Pope Francis as the notion of parish as a “field hospital,’ the director will localize that vision with activities that address wounds and foster healing, both individually and in a group setting.  The caritas director will establish a counseling service as the daily core of the ministry. The director will also develop a comprehensive, integral vision of caritas in service of our parishioners and residents, and oversee the pastoral associate for charity and justice along with Vincentian ministries.  She will be present on weekends, and especially at the Sunday liturgies.

*Part-Time Team Members (10-24 hrs/weekly): Staffing for part-time members is dictated by parish needs. At this time, we have one part-time pastoral associate and one pastoral assistant. In our context, the difference in the two titles reflects the need for the pastoral associate to be able to care for and lead the lay faithful in a variety of ways. The title pastoral assistant refers to someone whose role may be specialized and may or may not include pastoral leadership.)